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Tips to avoid getting email spam

1. If you have a company Web Site, use a contact form that the Web Site visitor can fill out. Few spammers use spiders that crawl web pages searching for email addresses. At AngelTech, we can help you with this.

2. While signing up for forums, products and services use a free email.

3. When signing up for offers, be cautious what boxes you inspect although technically not spam, you may get a lot of email offers you do not want.

4. Never give reply to an email spam message; this just lets them know that your account is active.

5. You may need to use a throwaway email address if you post on newsgroups forums.

6. Encrypt the email addresses in your HTML - hiding them from email-harvesting robots while revealing them to real people







Website Promotion

So you've got a website....NOW WHAT?

The most crucial part of Website design is promoting it!
People need to be able to find you on the great big 'WWW'!

Let them find you!!

The first step in Website promotion is making sure all the right people know where to find you. Your best friends now are the major search engines!

We can ensure that they are able to find you by:

  • Making sure that your pages are titled correctly, and placed in the proper directories. Search engines like things one way, and that's it! So we will make them happy.
  • Optimizing your META tags to ensure you are using the best keywords for your site
  • Ensuring you have a site map to explain where you would like them to go!
  • Analyze accesibility factors (ALT tags, TITLE tags etc)
  • Making sure that all the major search engines know that your website exists
While we can't PROMISE that you will receive #1 rankings... we can promise that people will be able to find you much more easily.

Now tell everyone about it

The most powerful tool we have is the people we know. Word of mouth is an excellent method of letting people know that you now have an online presence.

But it's not enough.

We'll do our part to make sure that people on the Web can find you. Here are some things that you can do to increase the traffic to your site. (Which will also help to maintain a strong ranking in the major search engines)

  • Ensure that you and all of your staff make use of the email account that are included in your Web Hosting package (yourname@yourdomain.com).
  • Include your website address on emails, letterheads, business cards, invoices, packaging - any printed mediums that you use. The easier you make it for people to find you, the more people will come to your website.
  • Add your new website address to your telephone answering message. Let people know that they can contact you from your website!
  • Network! Have other sites link to you. If the sites that are linked to you have good search engine rankings, you will be able to increase your visibility this way too! This is kind of like word-of-mouth advertising on the Web!

Please for more information on website promotion.