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Visual Design Considerations

There is a lot to think about when designing a website. Here a a few of the visual considerations when building or maintaining your site

Text and text equivalents

ALT and TITLE tags are important to ensure teletype readers and users who cannot view pictures can still view your site.

Functional Navigation

It can be extremely frustrating for a user to go to a page and not be able to get back to where they came from. Navigation on your page should be easy, and understandable.

Color usage

Purple and Yellow? Pink and Orange? The color choices you make for your website can influence how long people will stay at your site. After all, this IS your first impression. Make it good.








Website Maintenance

Do you already have a website, but can't find the time to update it?

Is it time for a website "facelift" ?

AngelTech can help!

If you already have a website, or we have just designed one for you - now is the time to consider a monthly maintenance plan.

Website Maintenance is essential to your businesses success. As the old saying goes "Time is Money!" By letting AngelTech maintain your website on a regular basis, you can free up time for yourself, and your staff to concentrate on the daily business!

Just having a website isn't enough:
  • We will make sure that your website continues to draw your customers in.
  • We will routinely check all links to make sure that you aren't sending people out to other sites that don't exist (don't you just hate that?).
  • We will provide you with fresh and innovative ideas to keep your site exciting
  • AngelTech offers Web Maintenance services on an as-needed or a monthly basis.

We are here to work for YOU!

We currently offer Website Maintenance at an hourly rate of $40, or a monthly rate of $100
(including 4 hours maintenance)

Please us for a quote on a custom redesign project

Special Offer!
Email Address Encryption:

Let us hide your email addresses right in plain sight! Our technique of disguising your email addresses is completely invisible on your webpage, but behind the scenes, makes your email addresses unreadable to bots and web crawlers. A sure way to keep junk mail out of your Inbox!

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