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Technical Design Considerations

There is a lot to think about when designing a website. These are just a few of the more technical considerations to think about when building or maintaining your site

Broken/Bad Links

Links that don't work - don't help. We will check your links regularly as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers.

Quick download times

Too many pictures or too large pictures can mean your site will take too long to download. The average person will click 'Back' on their browser if a site does not load in 3-5 seconds.


Validating your HTML code tells people you care about what you do. It also ensures your site will work across platforms and browsers.

Test screen resolution

Yep, there are still people out there who use 800x600 screen resolution. We'll make sure your site looks as good on their screens, as it can on 1024x1280 or higher.







Website Design packages

Every company is unique. We understand that, and will design your website with you in mind! The following packages are simple guidelines. Once we understand exactly what it is that you need, we will determine the exact prices and inclusions.Please for a quote on a custom design for you.

Note: Web Design packages do not include hosting. Click here to view hosting packages.

Web Site Features Package A Package B Package C Package D Package E
1 page equivalent to 8.5" x 11" page 1 page 2-5 pages 6-10 pages 11-20 pages 21-30 pages
Scanning/resizing of graphics/logo included included included included included
Graphics 3 up to 10 up to 20 up to 40 up to 100
Top of page graphic included included included included included
Email links included included included included included
Number of external links included 3 5 10 10 20
Consultation included 1 hr 1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 4 hr
Web Site cost Contact us for pricing details

Additional Services
Prices subject to change without notice
New Page fee $40
Hourly Maintenance fee $40
Monthly Maintenance fee (4 hrs) $100
Logo Design $50

If you have a special request that is not covered by one of the packages above, or any other questions please contact us at