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What do these mean?

Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict

Valid CSS

Most pages on the World Wide Web are written in computer languages (such as HTML) that allow Web authors to structure text, add multimedia content, and specify what appearance, or style, the result should have.

As for every language, these have their own grammar, vocabulary and syntax, and every document written with these computer languages are supposed to follow these rules. The (X)HTML languages, for all versions up to XHTML 1.1, are using machine-readable grammars called DTDs, a mechanism inherited from SGML.

However, Just as texts in a natural language can include spelling or grammar errors, documents using Markup languages may (for various reasons) not be following these rules. The process of verifying whether a document actually follows the rules for the language(s) it uses is called validation, and the tool used for that is a validator. A document that passes this process with success is called valid.







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Answers to your questions

I would like to have a website. Where do I start?

Start by brainstorming. Write down all your ideas, and questions.
Make an outline of your needs, write down ALL the details
Research similar websites to get ideas. Note what you like, or did not like about the other sites

Things to consider:
  • The purpose of the website
  • Your target audience
  • Content (text and pictures)
  • Your budget
How much is a website going to cost me?

Every project is different. AngelTech can help you find a package that will suit your needs. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to determine your exact costs. An estimate for a website is based on the time it will take us to complete your project. If you are working within a budget, we will work out an estimate that will work within your budget, but still meet your needs.

What happens if I have to make changes to my site?

AngelTech appreciates ongoing relationships. We would be happy to complete any updates to your site, and we can bill you by the hour, or we can work out a flat rate.

I have a website, but I need some help to make changes. Can you help?

Of course! We would be happy to look at your site and offer suggestions on how you can make your site more efficient and easier to maintain. We can work based on an hourly rate, or a flat consultation fee. Please contact us for more details

Will I be able to edit my website any time I want?

Unless AngelTech is maintaining your website for you, you will have unlimited access to your website via FTP or FrontPage 24/7. If AngelTech is maintaining your website for you and you would like access to upload and download your own files, please contact us at

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It allows you to upload/download file to and from your website. There are several programs that you can use to simplify this process.

How do I transfer files to my website?

You can use your favorite FTP client to transfer files to our server. If you do not have an FTP client, some good free ones that are out there are FileZilla or SmartFTP

Will you back up my data?

All websites and related data are backed up weekly.

Who owns the Domain Name?

You do! The Domain is registered in your name.

Can I register a domain name without a hosting package?

Yes you can, simply choose Domain Forwarding/Parking, there will be $3 setup fee for domain parking services

I've misspelled the domain name I just bought. Is it too late to change it?

Yes! We offer the exclusive AngelTech Domain Satisfaction Guarantee for the 48 hours following your initial purchase. If you have chosen the wrong name by mistake, or have misspelled your name, please contact us for an exchange. After this 48 hour period, all sales are final.

How long will it take to set up my hosting account and domain?

New accounts are set up 24-48 hours after payment is received. Once an account is set up, an activation notice will be sent to you via e-mail, which will include your user ID, password, and FTP host name, if applicable. You will then be able to upload files immediately.

If I already have a Domain Name with another company, can I host my website with AngelTech?

Yes! Just sign up for a hosting package. After you have signed up, log into the control panel where your domain is registered, and change your Name Servers to ours.

What is e-mail forwarding?

Email forwarding is the capability to have emails received on the server forwarded automatically to another email account of your choice. We can arrange to forward all email received at your domain to your current active email account.

How do I set up or configure my new email account with Outlook?

Once you have received your username and password, follow these instructions to set up your email accounts.

Using Outlook Express? Follow these instructions.

Please email any questions that you may have to . We will provide you with a timely response.